Yatzy Scoring

Take this Yatzy Scoresheet with your dices and play Yahtzee anytime & anywhere

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Unguided Meditation Timer

Meditation Timer - Simple & easy Meditation Timer App to practice meditation

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Unguided Meditation Timer was added to the list of the Free Meditation Apps

RSS Reader

Clean & simple RSS Reader to read RSS Feeds & RSS News in one RSS Reader

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Chess Clock

Chess Clock - Easily play chess with this Chess Timer

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Speed Reader

Speed Reader - Read faster & improve your reading with speed reading

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Daily Picture

Daily Picture lets you take a daily picture - Daily Photo diary

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Risk Battle Simulator

Risk Battle Simulator simulates hundreds of fights in the board game risk

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With Flashcards / Flashcards Maker, making your flashcards has never been easier

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Board Money

Board Money can be used to play Monopoly

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Location History

Use Location History to track certain spots

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Mini Golf Scorecard

Mini Golf Scorecard lets you keep track of your mini golf scores

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Scorecard your score counter

This Scorecard is your perfect score counter to count scores

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Wizard Block

Use Wizard Block to keep track of your scores when playing wizard

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Cookie Jar

Cookie Jar inspired by David Goggins - track your cookies

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Board Game Utilities

The perfect addon when playing your favorite board games

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This is your app. Myself. Just for you.

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